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Everyone knows that anyone with a business or service to provide these days has to have a website presence in order NOT to lose business. That is the first place I go to look to make sure they are a legitimately serious business or service.

We always try to get a free site for those who cannot afford to pay for one. This is not a guarantee, but we will attempt to do so and will definitely notify you in the event we are unable to. These sites are:

  • FREE Website

  • 20 MB of Disk Space

  • 1 GB of Monthly Bandwidth

  • Ad Supported

I have never seen an ad that is in bad taste on any of these sites. We have used many of them throughout the years. We will need only your basic information in order to get these for you.

BA2 - Quick 'n Inexpensive Web Sites!

If we are unable to get you a free site, we have another that we use a lot called BlueHost. You will have to set this up yourself unless you want to give us your credit card number. We prefer not to do this because we do not want to know your private information. The cost is approximately $9.00 per month for this service paid directly to them. It is *If you don't want it to renew automatically using your credit card, be sure to let them know. I found out the hard way.

You may pay us with PayPal, if you wish. A personal check is fine, too! The cost for a normal 1 to 2-page website will be $75.00 thru Jan. 31st. One page can hold quite a bit of information. The cost of any additional information you wish to add beyond the first month will be priced at $15.00 per hour; with a one-hour minimum. All pictures and text to add needs to be emailed to us.

We look forward to serving you!

We will be happy to build your site and list it in the search engines for you. Keep in mind, however, that you should always advertise your site like you would a business anywhere else. Business cards, newspaper ads, etc., work well.

BA2 - Quick 'n Inexpensive Web Sites!

MY FAVORITE LINKS: (If you have a business of any kind, feel free to email me your url address and name and I will be happy to add it to this site. Also, any webs I build will be added below
(free advertisement for you).

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Note: Sorry, but we don't do flash and shopping carts - it's pretty and all, but it is too time-consuming and not worth the money you have to pay for it, unless you are selling a lot of different items! We will be glad to set up PayPal for you if you have an account, however.


Websites we have built!


Website/Thru Jan ONLY!
"The website is amazing. Thanks soooo much. It is as if I am in a dream." 
God bless, ~JS, Macon, GA